C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
To the 90th birthday of Mark Yakovlevich Azbel
Guest Editors: V. G. Peschansky, L. A. Pastur, S. A. Gredeskul, and Yu. A. Kolesnichenko

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  Preface (407-410)  

  V. V. Mkhitaryan and M. E. Raikh Download 553014 byte View abstract  
  Slow oscillating dynamics of a two-level system subject to a fast telegraph noise: beyond the NIBA approximation (411-418)  

  V. M. Loktev, and V. Turkowski Download 5229895 byte View abstract  
  On the theory of nonhomogeneous nonequilibrium superconductivity in 2D systems with massless fermions (419-426)  

  Alexander Vilenkin Download 365420 byte View abstract  
  Perspectives in cosmology (427-431)  

  A. A. Zvyagin Download 561567 byte View abstract  
  Ground state of the biaxial spin-1/2 open chain (432-437)  

  Yuri Kivshar Download 1043787 byte View abstract  
  Resonant tunneling and bound states in the continuum (438-444)  

  A. Lowe and I. V. Yurkevich Download 738671 byte View abstract  
  The link between Fisher information and geometric discord (445-449)  

  Edouard B. Sonin Download 1080494 byte View abstract  
  Quantum rotator and Josephson junction: compact vs. extended phase and dissipative quantum phase transition (450-463)  

  V. M. Kontorovich and S. A. Poslavskyi Download 1099817 byte View abstract  
  Swirling self-gravitating vortex as the imagination of the Hoag’s ring galaxy (464-470)  

  Udit Khanna, Moshe Goldstein, and Yuval Gefen Download 2734036 byte View abstract  
  Edge reconstruction and emergent neutral modes in integer and fractional quantum Hall phases (471-479)