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Special Issue (Part III)
To the 100th birthday of M. I. Kaganov
Guest Editors: Yu. A. Kolesnichenko, A. S. Kovalev, and S. S. Sokolov

  L. A. Pastur, V. V. Slavin, and A. A. Krivchikov Download 1174058 byte View abstract  
  One-dimensional narrow-band conductors (Review Article) (779-803)  

  L. P. Kondaurova and V. A. Andryushchenko Download 1991749 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics, properties and spectrum of reconnecting vortex loops in superfluid helium (Review Article) (804-818)  

  Yuriy G. Pogorelov, Denis Kochan, and Vadim M. Loktev Download 489458 byte View abstract  
  Electronic spectra, topological states and impurity effects in graphene nanoribbons (819-829)  

  E. G. Galkina, and B. A. Ivanov Download 307953 byte View abstract  
  Phenomenological description of spin dynamics in antiferromagnets: short history and modern development (830-840)  

  A. S. Kovalev Download 383829 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic vortices in media with spatially inhomogeneous exchange interaction (841-850)  

  Aysel Shiralieva, Artem Prokoshin, and Natalia B. Perkins Download 1150831 byte View abstract  
  Magnetoelastic effects in the hyperhoneycomb Kitaev spin liquid (851-861)  


  S. A. Gredeskul, L. A. Pastur and Yu. A. Freiman Download 1022277 byte View abstract  
  The last accomplishment of B. I. Verkin (862-870)