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Special Issue (Part I)
To the 100th birthday of M. I. Kaganov
Guest Editors: Yu. A. Kolesnichenko, А. S. Kovalev, and S. S. Sokolov

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  Preface (575-576)  

  A.M. Ermolaev and G. I. Rashba Download 945145 byte View abstract  
  Superlattice on the surface of a nanotube (Review Article) (577-595)  

  Oleg Yu. Titov, and Yuri G. Gurevich Download 175238 byte View abstract  
  Temperature gradient and transport of heat and charge in a semiconductor structure (Review Article) (596-601)  

  Marina Litinskaya, and Inna Kaganova Download 684846 byte View abstract  
  Dynamical Green’s function for elastic half-space, and energy losses due to collision (602-612)  

  V. N. Antonov and L. V. Bekenov Download 1975678 byte View abstract  
  Electronic structure and physical properties of hybrid heterostructures Sr2CrOsO6/BaTiO3 (613-625)  

  Z.Shvaika, P. Sapriianchuk, and A. Rovenchak Download 728986 byte View abstract  
  Bose systems in linear traps: Exact calculations versus effective space dimensionality (626-632)  

  I.E. Chupis Download 1090262 byte View abstract  
  Effect of magnetic field on the modulated spin structure of terbium manganite film (633-636)  

  N. M. Makarov, S. S. Melnyk, O. V. Usatenko, A. A. Shmat’ko, and V. A. Yampol’skii Download 2134300 byte View abstract  
  Gyrotropic superlattice as a transformer of light polarization (637-644)  

  V. M. Kontorovich Download 726715 byte View abstract  
  Instability of the pulsar surface in strong constant fields and generation of additional components due to combination scattering (645-653)  

  G. P. Mikitik and Yu. V. Sharlai Download 359085 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic susceptibility of crystals with crossingof their band-contact lines (654-659)  

  I. Chikin, B. Timofeev, and V. Shikin Download 2643219 byte View abstract  
  Electrochemical impedance in ac diagnosticsof weakly conducting media (660-668)