C o n t e n t s

  E. Yu. Beliayev, V. A. Horielyi, and Yu. A. Kolesnichenko Download 3695246 byte View abstract  
  Magnetotransport properties of CrO2 powder composites(Review Article) (387-408)  

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  I. A. Remizov, M. R. Sultanova, A. A. Levchenko, and L. P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 596347 byte View abstract  
  The interaction between injected charges and a vortex flow in normal and superfluid helium near Тλ (409-413)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  M. A. Nakonechnyi, D. S. Karpov, A. N. Omelyanchouk, and S. N. Shevchenko Download 628464 byte View abstract  
  Multi-signal spectroscopy of qubit–resonator systems (414-419)  

  G.Ya. Khadzhai, N. R. Vovk, and R. V. Vovk Download 571016 byte View abstract  
  Influence of uniform compression on fluctuation paraconductivity of single crystals Y0.77Pr0.23Ba2Cu3O7–δ (420-423)  

  I. N. Askerzade, and R. Askerbeyli Download 393913 byte View abstract  
  Return current of dc SQUID based on tunnel Josephson junctions with unconventional current-phase relation (424-428)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  M. K. Ramazanov, A. K. Murtazaev, M. A. Magomedov, T. R. Rizvanova, and A. A. Murtazaeva Download 1283578 byte View abstract  
  Phase diagram of the Potts model with the number of spin states q = 4 on a kagome lattice (429-434)  

Low-Dimensional and Disordered Systems

  A. A. Zvyagin Download 162889 byte View abstract  
  Majorana zero modes in the interacting fermion chain without pairing (435-439)  

  V. A. Lykah, E. S. Syrkin, and E. N. Trotskii Download 248971 byte View abstract  
  Heavy doped organic crystals ordering (440-445)  

Lattice Dynamics

  Yu. M. Poluektov Download 387810 byte View abstract  
  Debye model for the surface phonons (446-453)  

Low-temperature Optical Spectroscopy

  M.D. Curmei, V. I. Melnyk, G. V. Klishevich, T. V. Bezrodna, V. V. Nesprava,and O. M. Roshchin Download 3946022 byte View abstract  
  Electronic spectra and structure of 1- and 2-fluoronaphthalene impurity centers in crystalline naphthalene (454-461)  

  E. N. Kovalenko, O. N. Yunakova and N. N. Yunakov Download 616646 byte View abstract  
  Exciton absorption spectra of thin films of RbCu2Cl3 and Rb2Cu3Cl5 ternary compounds (462-467)