C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
To the 90th birthday of V.G. Bar’yakhtar
Guest Editors B.A. Ivanov and A.S. Kovalev

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  Preface (895-898)  

  Oleksandr Bakai and Mykhailo Bratchenko Download 3609381 byte View abstract  
  Stochastic dynamics of a nonlinear oscillator driven by periodic force with slowly varying frequency (899-903)  

  M.Y. Kovalevsky and S.V. Peletminsky Download 210787 byte View abstract  
  The principle of residual symmetry of degenerate equilibrium states and the classification of order parameters of single-sublattice spin s = 3/2 magnets (904-908)  

  Victor A. L’vov, Anna Kosogor, and Volodymyr A. Chernenko Download 1178134 byte View abstract  
  Theory of giant magnetocaloric effect in the shape memory alloy undergoing magnetostuctural phase transition (909-913)  

  Alexander L. Sukstanskii and Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy Download 511492 byte View abstract  
  Theoretical models of diffusion-attenuated magnetic resonance signal in biological tissues (914-919)  

  R.V. Verba, V.S. Tiberkevich and A.N. Slavin Download 451050 byte View abstract  
  Dipole-dominated dissipative magnetic solitons in quasi-one-dimensional spin-torque oscillators (920-926)  

  Alexander V. Zolotaryuk and Yaroslav Zolotaryuk Download 436170 byte View abstract  
  Point interactions with bound states: A zero-thickness limit of a double-layer heterostructure (927-933)  

  D.S. Agafontsev and V.E. Zakharov Download 1559003 byte View abstract  
  Growing of integrable turbulence (934-939)  

  M.M. Kulik, S.M. Ryabchenko, and A.V. Bodnaruk Download 760057 byte View abstract  
  Magnetotransport properties of nanogranular composites with low field positive magnetoresistance (940-946)  

  A.K. Kolezhuk Download 279001 byte View abstract  
  Effective many-body interactions in one-dimensional dilute Bose gases (947-950)  

  S.V. Maleyev Download 195007 byte View abstract  
  Spin chirality and polarized neutrons (951-953)  

  E.A. Pashitskii and V.I. Pentegov Download 207640 byte View abstract  
  On the possible similarity of electroweak and gravitational interactions (954-959)  

  V.M. Ishchuk and V.L. Sobolev Download 241324 byte View abstract  
  Solid solutions with coexisting ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases for creation of new materials (959-962)  

  D.M. Polishchuk, T.I. Polek, V.Yu. Borynskyi, A.F. Kravets, A.I. Tovstolytkin, A.M. Pogorily, and V. Korenivski Download 1178299 byte View abstract  
  Spin-current dissipation in a thin-film bilayer ferromagnet/antiferromagnet (963-970)  

  V.N. Krivoruchko Download 311934 byte View abstract  
  Aharonov–Casher effect and electric field control of magnetization dynamics (971-975)  

  S.V. Tarasenko and V.G. Shavrov Download 318511 byte View abstract  
  Antiferromagnet as the tunable single-phase elastic hyperbolic medium with the spatial dispersion (976-983)  

  E.V. Tartakovskaya, A.S. Laurenson and V.V. Kruglyak Download 485861 byte View abstract  
  Wannier–Stark ladder spectrum of Bloch oscillations of magneto-dipole spin waves in graded 1D magnonic crystals (984-990)  

  E.G. Petrov Download 634351 byte View abstract  
  Tunneling magnon flow across the terminated ferromagnetic chain (991-996)  

  B.A. Ivanov, E.G. Galkina, V.E. Kireev, N.E. Kulagin, R.V. Ovcharov, and R.S. Khymyn Download 1004097 byte View abstract  
  Non-stationary forced motion of domain walls in ferrimagnets close to the spin compensation point (997-1007)  

  O.Yu. Gorobets and Yu.I. Gorobets Download 395379 byte View abstract  
  Topological characteristics of building blocks in the domain wall of an antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (1008-1013)  

  A.S. Kovalev, Y.E. Prilepskii, and K.A. Gradjushko Download 664940 byte View abstract  
  Dynamics of pair of coupled nonlinear systems. I. Magnetic systems (1014-1020)  

  G.N. Kakazei, K.Y. Guslienko, R.V. Verba, J. Ding, X.M. Liu, and A.O. Adeyeye Download 1262933 byte View abstract  
  Non-uniform along thickness spin excitations in magnetic vortex-state nanodots (1021-1027)  

  Y.V. Skrypnyk and V.M. Loktev Download 139102 byte View abstract  
  On the theory of systems with substitutionalnon-Hermitian disorder (1028-1032)