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Special Issue
Vortices and non-equilibrium phenomena in superconductors
Guest editors: O.V. Dobrovolskiy and A.I. Bezuglyj

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  Preface (375-376)  

Pinning and vortices in superconductors

  C.Reichhardt and C.J.O. Reichhardt Download 10561090 byte View abstract  
  Vortex guidance and transport in channeled pinning arrays (377-385)  

  Antonio Lara, César González-Ruano, and Farkhad G. Aliev Download 5701134 byte View abstract  
  Time-dependent Ginsburg–Landau simulations of superconducting vortices in three dimensions (386-394)  

  E.I. Smirnova, R.O. Rezaev, and V.M. Fomin Download 777986 byte View abstract  
  Simulation of dynamics of the order parameter in superconducting nanostructured materials: Effect of the magnetic field renormalization (395-401)  

  B. Aichner, K.L. Mletschnig, B. Müller, M. Karrer, M. Dosmailov, J.D. Pedarnig, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, and W. Lang Download 2705327 byte View abstract  
  Angular magnetic-field dependence of vortex matching in pinning lattices fabricated by focused or masked helium ion beam irradiation of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7–δ thin films (402-409)  

  A.L. Kasatkin and V.P. Tsvetkovskii Download 664679 byte View abstract  
  Misorientation angle dependence of the critical current in HTS bicrystals with low-angle [001]-tilt grain boundaries (410-415)  

Superconductors at microwave frequencies and flux flow instabilities

  N.Pompeo, A. Alimenti, K. Torokhtii, and E. Silva Download 806145 byte View abstract  
  Physics of vortex motion by means of microwave surface impedance measurements (Review article) (416-421)  

  V. Malyshev, G. Melkov, and O. Prokopenko Download 5612169 byte View abstract  
  Microwave devices based on superconducting surface electromagnetic wave resonator (Review Article) (422-432)  

  S.I. Melnyk, S.S. Melnyk, A.A. Lavrinovich, and N.T. Cherpak Download 763492 byte View abstract  
  Catastrophe theory in the phenomenological description of the avalanche effect in dc-biased microwave HTSC transmission lines (433-440)  

  L.B.L.G. Pinheiro, M. Caputo, C. Cirillo, C. Attanasio, T.H. Johansen, W.A. Ortiz, A.V. Silhanek, and M. Motta Download 2358204 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic flux avalanches in Nb/NbN thin films (441-448)  

  D.Yu. Vodolazov Download 161849 byte View abstract  
  Flux flow instability in type II superconducting strips: Spatially uniform versus nonuniform transition (449-451)  

  A. Leo, A. Nigro, and G. Grimaldi Download 970904 byte View abstract  
  Critical phenomenon of vortex motion in superconductors: vortex instability and flux pinning (452-456)  

  C. Cirillo, M. Caputo, L. Parlato, M. Ejrnaes, D. Salvoni, R. Cristiano, G.P. Pepe, and C. Attanasio Download 927076 byte View abstract  
  Ultrathin superconducting NbRe microstrips with hysteretic voltage-current characteristic (457-461)  

Vortices and quasiparticles interactions in superconducting systems and beyond

  D.A. Bozhko, V.I. Vasyuchka, A.V. Chumak, and A.A. Serga Download 6611586 byte View abstract  
  Magnon–phonon interactions in magnon spintronics (Review Article) (462-480)  

  Toshikazu Ekino, Alexander M. Gabovich, Mai Suan Li, Henryk Szymczak, and Alexander I. Voitenko Download 2582531 byte View abstract  
  Break-junction tunneling spectra of Bi2212 superconducting ceramics: Influence of inhomogeneous d-wave-Cooper-pairing and charge-density-wave order parameters (481-496)  

  V.V. Kabanov Download 264541 byte View abstract  
  Electron-electron and electron-phonon relaxation in metals excited by optical pulse (497-503)  

  D.V. Fil and S.I. Shevchenko Download 168369 byte View abstract  
  Vortex generation in a superfluid gas of dipolar chains in crossed electric and magnetic fields (504-508)  

  S.I. Bondarenko, V.P. Koverya, and A.V. Krevsun Download 973368 byte View abstract  
  Transport and magnetic properties of a superconducting closed loop containing a thin-film quantum interferometer (509-515)