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Special Issue
Electronic properties of low-dimensional systems
To the 70th birthday of I.V. Krive

Guest Editors S.I. Kulinich and R.I. Shekhter

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  Preface (1575-1576)  

  M. Jonson, R.I. Shekhter, O. Entin-Wohlman, A. Aharony, H.C. Park, and D. Radić Download 239939 byte View abstract  
  Mechanically driven spin-orbit-active weak links (1577-1581)  

  S.I. Kulinich, and L.Y. Gorelik Download 339874 byte View abstract  
  Cooling of mechanical vibrations by heat flow (1582-1587)  

  A.A. Zvyagin Download 417919 byte View abstract  
  Correlated electrons in a zig-zag chain with the spin-orbit interaction: Exact solution (1588-1597)  

  A.M. Kadigrobov Download 331006 byte View abstract  
  Scattering problems and boundary conditions for 2D electron gas and graphene (1598-1605)  

  S.G. Castillo-López, F. Pérez-Rodríguez, and N.M. Makarov Download 1156563 byte View abstract  
  Quantum discretization of Landau damping (1606-1617)  

  Yurii A. Sitenko and Volodymyr M. Gorkavenko Download 292403 byte View abstract  
  Properties of the ground state of electronic excitations in carbon-like nanocones (1618-1629)  

  S. Cortés-López and F. Pérez-Rodríguez Download 1512787 byte View abstract  
  Nonlocal optical response of a layered high-temperature superconductor slab (1630-1638)  

  Yurii Zubov, Bahram Djafari-Rouhani, and Arkadii Krokhin Download 734690 byte View abstract  
  Dynamical effective parameters of elastic superlattice with strong acoustic contrast between the constituents (1639-1644)  

  A.V. Artemov and E.V. Ezerskaya Download 1111390 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature properties of finite XX-chains with an additional Ising spin (1645-1653)  

  V. Slavin and Y. Savin Download 815595 byte View abstract  
  Superdiffusive transport in one-dimensional disordered Dirac model (1654-1660)  

  I.V. Kozlov and Yu.A. Kolesnichenko Download 1045516 byte View abstract  
  Friedel oscillations in 2D electron gas with spin-orbit interaction in parallel magnetic field (1661-1672)  

  V.F. Klepikov Download 216552 byte View abstract  
  Gauge principle and spontaneous symmetry breaking (1673-1677)  

  D.O. Oriekhov, E.V. Gorbar, and V.P. Gusynin Download 1270013 byte View abstract  
  Electronic states of pseudospin-1 fermions in dice lattice ribbon (1678-1691)  

  A.V. Parafilo and M.N. Kiselev Download 433296 byte View abstract  
  Landau–Zener transitions and Rabi oscillations in a Cooper-pair box: beyond two-level models (1692-1699)  

  М.М. Bogdan, V.I. Belan, and О.V. Charkina Download 643865 byte View abstract  
  Effect of magnetic field on stability and excitation spectrum of spin nanoclusters in anisotropic ferromagnetic chains (1700-1711)  

  M.P. Kolodyazhnaya, G.A. Zvyagina, I.V. Bilych, K.R. Zhekov, N.G. Burma, V.D. Fil, and I.A. Gudim Download 1090331 byte View abstract  
  Magnetocapacitance, magnetoelasticity and magnetopiezoelectric effect in HoFe3(BO3)4 (1712-1720)  

  A.B. Babaev and A.K. Murtazaev Download 295374 byte View abstract  
  Computer simulation of critical behavior of strongly diluted low-dimensional antiferromagnetic systems on the triangulare lattice (1721-1724)