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Special Issue
Actual problems of magnetic resonance and its applications:
Anatole Abragam, Eugene Zavoiskii, Kazan

Guest Editors V.A. Zhiharev and M.S. Tagirov

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  Preface (3-6)  

  I.I. Silkin, F.R. Vagapova, and A.V. Dooglav Download 2205627 byte View abstract  
  Е.К. Zavoiskii and NMR: analysis of the logbooks and rerunning of the experiments (7-13)  

  F.S. Dzheparov, D.V. Lvov, and M.A. Veretennikov Download 357218 byte View abstract  
  Spin-spin relaxation in magnetically dilute crystals (14-21)  

  V.E. Vorobeva, N.E. Domracheva, A.V. Pyataev, M.S. Gruzdev, and U.V. Chervonova Download 685604 byte View abstract  
  Coexistence of spin-crossover and magnetic ordering in the dendrimeric Fe(III) complex (22-27)  

  A.I. Dmitriev, H. Tokoro, S. Ohkoshi, and R.B. Morgunov Download 1665827 byte View abstract  
  Anomalous magnetization dynamics close to the temperature of spin-reorientation transition in ε-In0.24Fe1.76O3 nanowire arrays (28-33)  

  Yu.Yu. Titova, L.B. Belykh, and F.K. Schmidt Download 754663 byte View abstract  
  EPR spectroscopy of catalytic systems based on nickel complexes of 1,4-diaza-1,3-butadiene (α-diimine) ligands in hydrogenation and polymerization reactions (34-39)  

  A.D. Talantcev, О.V. Koplak, М.V. Kirman, and R.B. Morgunov Download 1266495 byte View abstract  
  Competition of the Peierls relief and structural defects in damping the domain walls in [Mn{(R/S)-pn}]2[Mn{(R/S)-pn}2(H2O)][Cr(CN)6]2 ferrimagnet (40-45)  

  P.A. Agzamova, V.P. Petrov, V.A. Chernyshev, and A.E. Nikiforov Download 503757 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic hyperfine interactions on 51V nucleus in pyrochlore Lu2V2O7 (46-51)  

  E.M. Alakshin, R.R. Gazizulin, M.Yu. Zakharov, A.V. Klochkov, E.V. Morozov, T.M. Salikhov, T.R. Safin, K.R. Safiullin, M.S. Tagirov, and O.V. Shabanova Download 515300 byte View abstract  
  The influence of restricted geometry of the diamagnetic nanoporous media on the 3He relaxation (52-56)  

  R.M. Eremina, T.P. Gavrilova, I.I. Fazlizhanov, I.V. Yatsyk, D.V. Mamedov, A.A. Sukhanov, V.I. Chichkov, N.V. Andreev, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, and A. Loidl Download 1329887 byte View abstract  
  Oscillations in the ESR spectrum of the multi-ferroic/ferroelectric interfaces for GdMnO3/SrTiO3 and YbMnO3/SrTiO3 (57-61)  

  E.M. Alakshin, R.R. Gazizulin, A.M. Gazizulina, A.V. Klochkov, S.B. Orlinskii, A.A. Rodionov, T.R. Safin, K.R. Safiullin, M.S. Tagirov, and M.Yu. Zakharov Download 89352 byte View abstract  
  Comments on the cross-relaxation effect between adsorbed 3He and PrF3 nanoparticles (62-64)  

  A.V. Klochkov and M.S. Tagirov Download 2463361 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic resonance of 3He nuclei in porous media (65-74)  

  A.V. Savinkov, A.V. Dooglav, B.Z. Malkin, M.S. Tagirov, and S.L. Korableva Download 397507 byte View abstract  
  Crystal field analysis and NMR study of 19F in EuF3 Van Vleck paramagnet (75-80)  

  Uwe Eichhoff and Peter Höfer Download 265755 byte View abstract  
  Medical applications of EPR (81-85)  

  E.M. Alakshin, B.I. Gizatullin, M.Yu. Zakharov, A.V. Klochkov, T.M. Salikhov, V.D. Skirda, and M.S. Tagirov Download 447885 byte View abstract  
  NMR of water colloidal solutions of nanosized crystalline particles of LaF3 and LaF3:Gd3+ (86-89)  

  O.A. Ilinskaya, S.I. Kulinich, I.V. Krive, R.I. Shekhter, and M. Jonson Download 554886 byte View abstract  
  Magnetically controlled single-electron shuttle (90-95)  

  M.I. Kobets, K.G. Dergachev, S.L. Gnatchenko, E.N. Khatsko, L.N. Bezmaternykh, and I.A. Gudim Download 1023621 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic resonance and spin-reorientation transitions in Nd0.75Ho0.25Fe3(BО3)4 multiferroic (96-102)  


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  Erratum to the paper M. Pärs, V. Palm, and J. Kikas «Single-molecule probing of incommensurate biphenyl»,Fiz. Nizk. Temp. 36, 559 (2010) [Low Temp. Phys. 36, 448 (2010)] (103-103)