Low Temperature Physics: 32, 863 (2006); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.2356843 (5 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 32, Number 8-9 (August 2006), p. 1136-1142    ( to contents , go back )

Theory of residual electrical resistivity for dilute alloys of nonmagnetic 3d-5d transition metals

Yu.Yu. Tsiovkin, A.N. Voloshinskii, V.V. Gapontsev, and V.V. Ustinov

Institute of Metal Physics , S. Kovalevskoyi st. 18, Ekaterinburg 620219, Russia
E-mail: y.tsiovkin@imp.uran.ru
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Received February 27, 2006, revised March 10, 2006


The residual electrical resistivity values for dilute alloys of nonmagnetic transition metals were calculated using the kinetic equation method with account for the two-band conductivity model in the approximation of low impurity concentration. It is shown that for all nonmagnetic dilute binary substitutional alloys of transition metals the reduced residual electrical resistivity is a linear function of the squared nondiagonal element of the scattering T-matrix modulus.

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Key words: kinetic equation, electric resistance, dilute alloy.

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