Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 27, Number 4 (April 2001), p. 436-445    ( to contents , go back )

Magnetostriction and magnetoelastic mechanism of reversible behavior of magnetoresistance in layered antiferromagnets

E. V. Gomonay and V. M. Loktev

National Tekhnical University "KPI",37, Pobedy ave., Kiev 252056, Ukraine
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Received Janyary 18, 2001


The reversible behavior of magnetoresistance for low-dopped cuprates RBa2Cu3Ox in a wide tempera-ture range is interpreted in the framework of phenomenological model. The model is based on the magnetoelastic mechanism of domain structure formation in the pure antiferromagnets due to the long-range elastic stray fields caused by the different elastic properties of the bulk and surface. The law of corresponding states is deduced in the reduced dimensionless magnetoresistance, magnetic field and temperature variables along with the temperature dependence of monodomenization field. Theoretical dependences appropriately describe the observed anomalies of magnetoresistance and quantitatively agree with the available experimental data.

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