Special Issue
International Advanced Study Conference “Condensed Matter & Low Temperature Physics 2021”
(Kharkiv, Ukraine, June 6 – 12). Part II

Guest Editor: A. V. Dolbin

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  Preface (3-4)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  I. R. Metskhvarishvili, T. E. Lobzhanidze, G. N. Dgebuadze, B. G. Bendeliani, M. R. Metskhvarishvili, M. Sh. Rusia, G. R. Giorganashvili, and V. M. Gabunia Download 1657148 byte Show annotation
  Comparative study of Tl-1223 superconductors prepared by the sol-gel route and solid-state reaction (5-9)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  V.Kozachenko, V. Shmid, A. Podolian, A. Nadtochiy, and O. Korotchenkov Download 857503 byte Show annotation
  Ag/C60 heterojunctions for thermoelectricity (10-14)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  I. Semkiv, H. Ilchuk, and N. Kashuba Download 566531 byte Show annotation
  Photoluminescence of Ag8SnSe6 argyrodite (15-18)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  I. R. Metskhvarishvili1, 2, B. G. Bendeliani, G. N. Dgebuadze, G. R. Giorganashvili, M. R. Metskhvarishvili, and T. E. Lobzhanidze Download 718521 byte Show annotation
  Low-field high-harmonic generation in Mo6S6I2 Chevrel-phase superconductor (19-22)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  Andrij Rovenchak and Yuri Krynytskyi Download 607558 byte Show annotation
  Ideal Bose gas in steep one-dimensional traps (23-29)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  E. A. Pashitskii, V. I. Pentegov, and A. V. Semenov Download 969888 byte Show annotation
  Possibility for the anisotropic acoustic plasmons in LaH10 and their role in enhancement of the critical temperature of superconducting transition (30-35)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  Yu. Averkov, Yu. Prokopenko, and V. Yakovenko Download 179301 byte Show annotation
  Semiconductor nanotube eigenmodes and the Aharonov–Bohm effect (36-41)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  L.Gonchar Download 3168027 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic frustration in insulating Jahn–Teller manganite crystals (42-47)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  A. A. Breslavets, Z. E. Eremenko, G. O. Rudnev, M. P. Natarov, V. V. Glamazdin, O. I. Shubny, O. A. Voitovich, Zhu Gang, Li Rong, and A. A. Prokopenko Download 562402 byte Show annotation
  Hemispherical X band microwave small sized open resonator for wide range from 1 to 20 permittivity characterization of solid-state dielectrics (48-55)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  Y. Matsumura, S. Yamashita, H. Akutsu, and Y. Nakazawa Download 1421237 byte Show annotation
  Thermodynamic measurements of doped dimer-Mott organic superconductor under pressure (56-61)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

  T. Babuka, O. O. Gomonnai, K. E. Glukhov, L. Yu. Kharkhalis, A. V. Gomonnai2, 3 and M. Makowska-Janusik Download 917717 byte Show annotation
  The first-principle study of substitutional impurities’ effect on elastic properties of TlInS2 layered crystal (62-69)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  E. A. Ponezha Download 1569562 byte Show annotation
  Transport spectroscopy in degenerate quantum dot (70-78)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  S. Dzhumanov, Sh. R. Malikov, and Sh. S. Djumanov Download 514575 byte Show annotation
  Pseudogap state and unusual metallic conductivity in high-Tc cuprate superconductors (79-86)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

Lattice Dynamics

  R. I. Eglitis, E. A. Kotomin, A. I. Popov, S. P. Kruchinin, and Ran Jia Download 1223733 byte Show annotation
  Comparative ab initio calculations of SrTiO3, BaTiO3, PbTiO3, and SrZrO3 (001) and (111) surfaces as well as oxygen vacancies (87-96)   Том 48, Випуск 1, 2022 15

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