Special Issue (Part I)
Quantum cooperative phenomena and highly correlated electronic systems
Guest Editors: V. P. Gnezdilov and Yu. G. Pashkevich

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  Preface (979-980)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

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  Local spin-triplet superconductivity in half-metallic manganites: A perspective platform for high-temperature topological superconductivity (981-988)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  A. P. Shapovalov, V. E. Shaternik, O. O. Boliasova, A. Yu. Suvorov Download 916959 byte Show annotation
  Influence of external microwave radiation on transport characteristics of superconducting MoRe–Si(W)–MoRe junctions (989-993)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  A.Glamazda, A.Sharafeev, R. Bohle, P. Lemmens, K.-Y. Choi, F.C. Chou and R. Sankar Download 989919 byte Show annotation
  Doping from CDW to topological superconductivity: The role of defects on phonon scattering in the non-centrosymmetric PbxTaSe2 (994-1002)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  A. M. Kutsyk, A. L. Kasatkin, and A. A. Kordyuk Download 3037449 byte Show annotation
  Dynamics of fractional vortices in two-band superconductors (1003-1010)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  Vladimir Gnezdilov, Peter Lemmens, Dirk Wulferding, Atsushi Kitada, and Hiroshi Kageyama Download 4144543 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic and lattice excitations in the quasi-2D quantum spin compound (CuCl)LaNb2O7 (1011-1021)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  F. N. Bukhanko and A. F. Bukhanko Download 861824 byte Show annotation
  Evolution of low-energy magnetic excitations pair spectrum in SmMnO3+δ (1021-1033)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  A. A. Zvyagin Download 342933 byte Show annotation
  Electric field- and strain-induced quantum phase transitions in a spin chain (1034-1038)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  O. V. Usatenko, S. S. Melnyk, and V. A. Yampol’skii Download 254134 byte Show annotation
  Transverse Anderson localization of evanescent waves propagating in randomly layered media (1039-1044)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  Florian Büscher, Silvia Müllner, Dirk Wulferding, Yu. G. Pashkevich, V. Gnezdilov, A. A. Peshkov, A. Surzhykov, and Peter Lemmens Download 545877 byte Show annotation
  Raman scattering of plane-wave and twisted light off chiral molecular liquids (1045-1052)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  A. V. Zhuravlev Download 605547 byte Show annotation
  Binuclear s = 1/2 single molecular magnets with the symmetry restrictions (1053-1060)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

  S. A. Klimin , and A. V. Peschanskii Download 1747737 byte Show annotation
  Optical spectroscopy study of KDy(WO4)2: Crystal-field levels of Dy3+ and the Jahn–Teller transition (1061-1071)   Том 47, Випуск 11, 2021 12

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