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Special Issue
«To the 50th anniversary of the discovery of quantum diffusion». Part I
Guest Editor S. S. Sokolov

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  Preface (659-660)  

  N. O. Gerashchenko, E. K. Nemchenko, K. E. Nemchenko, and T. G. Vikhtinskaya Download 273124 byte View abstract  
  Kinetic properties of solid 3He–4He mixtures in the model of freely moving impuritons (661-667)  

  A. P. Birchenko, V. A. Maidanov, N. P. Mikhin, S. S. Sokolov, and Ya. Yu. Sopelnyk Download 597630 byte View abstract  
  Observation of a solid phase under measuring the 3He diffusion coefficient in the nanopores of the MCM-41 adsorbent (668-673)  

  I. Chikina Download 1724790 byte View abstract  
  Phenomenological statistics of diluted charged solutions (Review Article) (674-691)  

  Yu. P. Monarkha Download 1446645 byte View abstract  
  Bragg–Cherenkov resonance and polaron-like decoupling of the Wigner solid on superfluid helium (692-701)  

  Bohdana Sobko and Andrij Rovenchak Download 423761 byte View abstract  
  Effective modeling of physical systems with fractional statistics (702-709)  

  S. B. Feodosyev, I. A. Gospodarev, V. A. Sirenko, E. S. Syrkin, and I. S. Bondar Download 818308 byte View abstract  
  Features of the propagation of phonons in graphene nanostructures. Fast high-frequency phonons in a quasi-flexural mode (710-716)  

  E. S. Yakub and L. N. Yakub Download 1109051 byte View abstract  
  Helium in uranium dioxide: Computer simulation (Review Article) (717-729)  

  Timofej Chagovets Download 537053 byte View abstract  
  Hydrogen targetry in laser-plasma physics (730-735)