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Special Issue
To the 90th birthday of Mark Yakovlevich Azbel. Part II
Guest Editors: V. G. Peschansky, L. A. Pastur, S. A. Gredeskul, and Yu. A. Kolesnichenko

  D. V. Fil, and S. I. Shevchenko Download 855738 byte View abstract  
  Supersolid induced by dislocations with superfluid cores (Review Article) (487-510)  

  V. Kagalovsky, D. Nemirovsky, and S. V. Kravchenko Download 1081737 byte View abstract  
  Noise signal as input data in self-organized neural networks (511-517)  

  G. P. Mikitik and Yu. V. Sharlai Download 563534 byte View abstract  
  Phase of quantum oscillation in Weyl semimetals (518-521)  

  Yu. A. Kolesnichenko and D. I. Stepanenko Download 1061400 byte View abstract  
  High-frequency magnetic susceptibility of a 2D electron gas with spin-orbit interaction in a parallel magnetic field under topological phase transition (522-528)  

  Yi Huang, Chao-Hsiang Sheu, and B. I. Shklovskii Download 251232 byte View abstract  
  Plasmons in semiconductor and topological insulator wires with large dielectric constant (529-534)  

  O. M. Bahrova, S. I. Kulinich, L. Y. Gorelik, R. I. Shekhter, and H. C. Park Download 824559 byte View abstract  
  Cooling of nanomechanical vibrations by Andreev injection (535-541)  

  Amnon Aharony, Ora Entin-Wohlman, and Andrey Kudlis Download 478512 byte View abstract  
  Bi- and tetracritical phase diagrams in three dimensions (542-551)  

  Victor Steinberg Download 2127181 byte View abstract  
  New direction and perspectives in elastic instability and turbulence in various viscoelastic flow geometries without inertia (Short Review) (552-568)