Спеціальний випуск (Частина I)
Nanostructures and impurity centers in cryogenic environment
Guest Editors Claudine Crépin-Gilbert and Elena Savchenko

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  Preface (683-684)  

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  Carbon chain extension processes in cryogenic environments: UV-assisted growth of polyynic nitriles in solidified rare gases (Topical Review) (685-691)  

  Prudence C.J. Ada Bibang, Aditya N. Agnihotri1,*, Basile Augé, Philippe Boduch, Charles Desfrançois, Alicja Domaracka, Frédéric Lecomte, Bruno Manil, Rafael Martinez, Gabriel S.V. Muniz1,**, Nicolas Nieuwjaer, and Hermann Rothard Download 521145 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Ion radiation in icy space environments: synthesis and radioresistance of complex organic molecules (Topical Review) (692-700)  

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  New possible route of HC3N formation in Titan’s atmosphere (701-709)  

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  VUV Photolysis of CH4–H2O mixture in methane-rich ices: Formation of large complex organic molecules in astronomical environments (710-721)  

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  Influence of environment and association with water, to internal structure of trifluoroacetylacetone. Matrix isolation FTIR study (722-735)  

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  Effect of argon environment on small water clusters in matrix isolation (736-743)  

  A. Gutiérrez-Quintanilla, M. Briant, E. Mengesha, Marc-André Gaveau, J.-M. Mestdagh, B. Soep, and L. Poisson Download 887471 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Propyne-water complexes hosted in helium droplets (744-749)  

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  Chloroform–nitrogen aggregates: upshifted CH and downshifted CCl stretching vibrations observed by matrix isolation and jet expansion infrared spectroscopy (750-759)  

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  Valine infrared absorbance at cryogenic temperatures (760-766)  

  Michał Gil, Alexandr Gorski, Alexander Starukhin, and Jacek Waluk Download 1447783 byte Показать аннотацию  
  Fluorescence studies of porphycene in various cryogenic environments (767-773)  

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  Trapping mechanism and sites of H and D atoms in solid Ne (774-788)  

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  Hydrogen atom catalyzed ortho-to-para conversion in solid molecular hydrogen (789-803)