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Special Issue
To the 100th birthday of K.B. Tolpygo
Guest Editor Yu.G. Pashkevich

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  Preface (415-416)  

  Alexey Kavokin, Timothy C.H. Liew, Christian Schneider and Sven Höfling Download 2185865 byte View abstract  
  Bosonic lasers: The state of the art (Review Article) (417-425)  

  S.A. Moskalenko, and I.M. Tiginyanu Download 503103 byte View abstract  
  Exciton–polariton laser (426-437)  

  A.V. Gorbunov and V.B. Timofeev Download 1797266 byte View abstract  
  Coherence of Bose–Einstein condensate of dipolar excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure (438-446)  

  V.V. Rumyantsev, S.A. Fedorov, and K.V. Gumennyk Download 2282250 byte View abstract  
  Polaritons in a nonideal array of ultracold quantum dots (447-454)  

  A.A. Maradudin, and I. Simonsen Download 663171 byte View abstract  
  Rayleigh and Wood anomalies in the diffraction of acoustic waves from the periodically corrugated surface of an elastic medium (455-462)  

  Sergey K. Tolpygo Download 1953902 byte View abstract  
  Superconductor digital electronics: scalability and energy efficiency issues (Review Article) (463-485)  

  T.А. Prikhna, A.Р. Shapovalov, G.E. Grechnev, V.G. Boutko, A.A. Gusev, A.V. Kozyrev, M.A. Belogolovskiy, V.E. Moshchil, and V.B. Sverdun Download 5236892 byte View abstract  
  Formation of nanostructure of magnesium diboride based materials with high superconducting characteristics (486-505)  

  I.V. Tokatly and E.Ya. Sherman Download 399250 byte View abstract  
  Spin dephasing in pseudomagnetic fields: susceptibility and geometry (506-512)  

  V.V. Eremenko, A.F. Sirenko, V.A. Sirenko, A.V. Dolbin, I.A. Gospodarev, E.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, I.S. Bondar, and K.A. Minakova Download 1900686 byte View abstract  
  The part of acoustic phonons in the negative thermal expansion of the layered structures and nanotubes based on them (513-525)  

  E.P. Troitskaya, Ie.Ie. Gorbenko, and E.A. Pilipenko Download 1163931 byte View abstract  
  Many-body interaction and deformation of the atomic electron shells in the lattice dynamics of compressed atomic cryocrystals (526-537)  

  V.G. Boutko, A.A. Gusev, T.N. Shevtsova, and Yu.G. Pashkevich Download 494907 byte View abstract  
  Incapsulation of “armchair”-type nanotubes by the “zigzag” Fe atoms chains (538-543)  

  V.Е. Shaternik, А.P. Shapovalov, А.V. Suvorov, M.А. Skoryk, and М.А. Belogolovskii Download 2577912 byte View abstract  
  Tunneling into localized barrier states in superconducting heterostructures (544-547)  

  Emmanuel Rashba Download 92057 byte   
  Kirill Borisovich Tolpygo: Teacher, Advisor and Scientist (I-V)