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Special Issue
To the 75th birthday of L.P. Mezhov-Deglin
Guest Editor A.A. Levchenko

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  Preface (1255-1257)  

  G. Kolmakov, K. Kono, A. Levchenko, P. Leiderer, and V. Shikin Download 2516370 byte View abstract  
  Stability and reconstruction of inversed gravity films (Review Article) (1257-1268)  

  A.M. Dyugaev, P.D. Grigoriev, and E.V. Lebedeva Download 689869 byte View abstract  
  Charged particles over liquid helium (1269-1273)  

  A.D. Grigoriev, P.D. Grigoriev, A.M. Dyugaev, and A.F. Krutov Download 437145 byte View abstract  
  Estimate of surfon evaporation time from the liquid helium surface due to the scattering on ripplons (1274-1283)  

  L.V. Аbdurakhimov, A.A. Levchenko, L.P. Mezhov-Deglin, and I.M. Khalatnikov Download 1876849 byte View abstract  
  Surface instability of liquid hydrogen and helium (1284-1299)  

  D. Garg, V.B. Efimov, M. Giltrow, P.V.E. McClintock, and L. Skrbek Download 308614 byte View abstract  
  Mutual interactions between objects oscillating in isotopically pure superfluid 4He in the T → 0 limit (1300-1305)  

  Sergey K. Nemirovskii Download 126652 byte View abstract  
  Method of trial distribution function for quantum turbulence (1306-1312)  

  S. Mao, R.E. Boltnev, V.V. Khmelenko, and D.M. Lee Download 331154 byte View abstract  
  ESR studies of nitrogen atoms stabilized in aggregates of krypton–nitrogen nanoclusters immersed in superfluid helium (1313-1319)  

  E.B. Gordon Download 324570 byte View abstract  
  The influence of superfluidity on impurities condensation in liquid helium (1320-1328)  

  M.Yu. Brazhnikov, D.E. Zmeev, and A.I. Golov Download 672104 byte View abstract  
  Thermal conductivity and torsional oscillations of solid 4He (1329-1335)  

  J.A.M. van Ostaay, S.I. Mukhin, and L.P. Mezhov-Deglin Download 170704 byte View abstract  
  On the low-temperature anomalies in the thermal conductivity of plastically deformed crystals due to phonon-kink scattering (1336-1339)  

  A. Drobyshev, A. Aldiyarov, E. Korshikov, D. Sokolov, and V. Kurnosov Download 818542 byte View abstract  
  Transformation features in solid nitrous oxide (1340-1346)  

  I.N. Zhilyaev Download 287240 byte View abstract  
  A possibility of large superconducting gap in the presence of quantum fluctuations (1347-1351)