C o n t e n t s

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  N.I. Pushkina Download 99363 byte View abstract  
  On the possibility of entropy wind in superfluid helium (555-559)  

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  V.G. Prokhorov, G.G. Kaminsky, V.L. Svetchnikov, J.S. Park, T.W. Eom, Y.P. Lee, J.-H. Kang, V.A. Khokhlov, and P. Mikheenko Download 622928 byte View abstract  
  Flux pinning and vortex dynamics in MgB2 doped with TiO2 and SiC inclusions (560-570)  

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  A.B. Beznosov, E.L. Fertman, V.A. Desnenko, A. Feher, M. Kajnaková, C. Ritter, and D. Khalyavin Download 152382 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature phase segregation in La2/3Ba1/3MnO3: Manifestation of nonequilibrium thermodynamics (571-577)  

  A.A. Zvyagin, and V.O. Cheranovskii Download 300050 byte View abstract  
  Elementary excitations and thermodynamics of zig-zag spin ladders with alternating nearest neighbor exchange interactions (578-592)  

  V.G. Prokhorov, G.G. Kaminsky, V.S. Flis, Y.H. Hyun, S.Y. Park, Y.P. Lee, and V.L. Svetchnikov Download 589106 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic ordering and charge transport in electron-doped La1-yCeyMnO3 (0.1 ≤ y ≤ 0.3) films (593-602)  

  A.G. Grechnev, A.S. Kovalev, and M.L. Pankratova Download 157514 byte View abstract  
  Magnetization field dependences and "exchange bias" in ferro/antiferromagnetic systems. I. Two-layers ferromagnet model (603-612)  

Nanostructures at Low Temperatures

  A.V. Dolbin, V.B. Esel'son, V.G. Gavrilko, V.G. Manzhelii, S.N. Popov, N.A.Vinnikov, N.I. Danilenko, and B. Sundqvist Download 1117724 byte View abstract  
  Radial thermal expansion of pure and Xe-saturated bundles of single-walled carbon nanotubes at low temperatures (613-621)  

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  E.S. Zarudnev, V.A. Karachevtsev, A.M. Plokhotnichenko, S.G. Stepanian, and L. Adamovicz Download 532538 byte View abstract  
  IR spectroscopy and ab initio calculations of imidazophenazine and its derivatives in argon low-temperature matrix (622-636)  

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  V.D. Natsik, V.P. Soldatov, G.I. Kirichenko, and L.G. Ivanchenko Download 318908 byte View abstract  
  Dynamical dislocation effects in low-temperature NS-induced transition creep of b-Sn single crystals (637-654)