Low Temperature Physics: 47, 901 (2021); https://doi.org/10.1063/10.0006560
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 47, Number 11 (November 2021), p. 981-988    ( to contents , go back )

Local spin-triplet superconductivity in half-metallic manganites: A perspective platform for high-temperature topological superconductivity

V. N. Krivoruchko

Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after A. A. Galkin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Kyiv 03028, Ukraine
E-mail: krivoruc@gmail.com
pos Анотація:1018

Received May 15, 2021, published online September 24, 2021


Topological materials and their unusual properties are nowadays a focus of experimental and theoretical research. Promising systems where topological superconducting phases can be realized are materials with a spin-triplet superconducting state. Yet, in the nature superconductors with a spin-triplet p-wave pairing are exceptions. The experimentally accessible way to overcome this bottleneck is spin-triplet pairing induced in proximitized structures of spin-singlet superconductors with time-reversal symmetry breaking counterparts. We discuss the possibility of creating such materials using superconductor–half-metallic manganite nano-structures. A unique promising feature of the proximity-coupled hybrid structures is high-temperature local triplet superconductivity in half-metallic manganites. The experimental evidence of a latent spin-triplet pairing in half-metallic manganites is presented and conditions favoring the topological superconducting state in nanostructures based on them are discussed.

Key words: half-metallic manganites, localized superconducting Cooper pairs, topological superconductivity, superconductor–ferromagnet heterostructures.

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