Low Temperature Physics: 45, 146 (2019); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5086403
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 45, Number 2 (February 2019), p. 171-178    ( to contents , go back )

The influence of charge carrier relaxation on spectra of donor-acceptor recombination taking into account Coulomb correlations

N.A. Bogoslovskiy, P.V. Petrov, and N.S. Averkiev

Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS, St.-Petersburg 194021, Russia
E-mail: averkiev@les.ioffe.ru
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Received Octouber 11, 2018, published online December 20, 2018


In the article we present results of numerical simulation of donor-acceptor recombination spectra in compensated semicon-ductors taking into account electrostatic fluctuations due to presence of ionized impurities. A presence of Coulomb correlations in the system of partly ionized impurities leads to appearance of peculiarities in recombination spectra depending on energy relaxation of charge carriers. We consider limiting cases of an ab-sence of the relaxation, a partly relaxation of majority or minority carriers and a full relaxation of the system of electrons and holes which localized on impurities. We carry out an interpretation of obtained results using a developed earlier analytical model in which we consider separately a contribution of equilibrium and photo-excited charge carriers. We show that under certain experimental conditions two spectral lines due to these contributions can be resolved in spectra.

Key words: donor-acceptor recombination, Coulomb correlations, charge carriers.

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