Low Temperature Physics: 37, 604 (2011); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.3643482 (5 pages)
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur: Volume 37, Number 7 (July 2011), p. 764-770    ( to contents , go back )

Matrix-isolation study of methanol cluster structure formation in the spectral region of stretch C-O and O-H vibrations

I.Yu. Doroshenko

Faculty of Physics, Kiev State University, Acad. Glushkov Pr., 6, Kiev 03022, Ukraine
E-mail: dori11@ukr.net
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Received December 9, 2010


FTIR absorption spectra of methyl alcohol isolated in an argon matrix were experimentally registered. The transformation of the spectral band structure with increasing the matrix temperature was analyzed in the spectral region of stretch С–О and О–Н vibrations (1000–1100 and 3000–3800 cm–1, correspondingly). The experimental data were interpreted by using the methods of quantum-chemical simulation of optimal space structure and vibrational spectra of different methanol clusters. It is shown that the cluster structure is graduallychanged with a increasing the argon matrix temperature from 10 to 50 K.

PACS: 61.20.Ja Computer simulation of liquid structure;
PACS: 36.40.Mr Spectroscopy and geometricalstructure of clusters;
PACS: 37.10.Pq Trapping of molecules.

Key words: infrared absorption spectra, matrix isolation, methanol, cluster, quantum-chemical simulation.

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